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The mission of the LaSalle Public Elementary Schools is to provide a nurturing, challenging learning environment in order to assist each student in becoming lifelong learners and socially responsible citizens.

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Lincoln Jr. High Building Renovation

Over the past year, the District has been in the planning and preparation stages for a renovation project to occur at Lincoln Junior High.  To this point, the scope of work has been determined, and bids for the work have been accepted.  The district and the Construction Manager, Core Construction, are in the coordination phase of the project.  While the most significant work on the project is to occur in the months of June, July and August, there is work and staging that will begin in the near future. While the overall footprint of the building will remain, work will occur in and around the perimeter of school and the parking lot.  To prepare for the storage of items, the district will have two storage pods delivered during the week of March 19, 2018.  The pods will be located in the southwest corner of the school’s parking lot.  Parking spaces adjacent to the alley will be compromised.   Spring Break will begin at 2:00 p.m. on March 29, and classes resume on April 10.  During this time, asbestos abatement contractors will be in the school.  In addition, preparation for the initial phase will begin.  On the north side of the school, a utility fence will be installed.  Additional dumpsters and equipment will be housed in this area.  The fence and equipment will be present through the project completion.   Once asbestos abatement is complete, the interior demolition of the northwest side (Lindberg Road side) of the building will begin.  During the months of April and May, work around the exterior of the building will also be taking place.  We do not have a firm date on this work as it is weather dependent.  The most significant portion of this work will occur on the south and west side of the school.  Exterior grading and a storm sewer will be added.  The wood posts and chains on the south boundary of the parking lot will be removed, and a curb will be added.  Work to the north of the school has not yet been coordinated. School is scheduled for release on May 23.  Upon release for the summer, the remainder of the school renovation will begin.  All central office services will be relocated to Northwest Elementary for the duration of the summer.  The project is expected to be completed at the end of August and students return after Labor Day.  Obviously, there will be a number of contractors working at Lincoln throughout this period of time.  In addition, there will be a number of deliveries expected, contractor staging and construction equipment onsite.  The Construction Manager has created a site logistics plan for the phasing of the project.  Deliveries are to occur either on Lindberg Road, or via the parking lot.  Access to and from the parking lot will be limited to the north alley. Depending on the project phase, overflow parking zones have been established by the Construction Manager.  The District owns the vacant lot to the northwest of the school.  The vacant lot may need to be utilized for construction needs. The District hopes to start and complete the project with the most limited disruption to the community as possible.  If you have any questions regarding the project scope, phasing, or timeline, please contact me at 815-223-0786.  I will be more than happy to share the civil or architect drawings with you.  Thank you for your patience as we work to improve our school.

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Date:   March 6, 2018 To:       Faculty, Staff and General Public From:  Brian DeBernardi Re:      Notification of Asbestos Abatement Project            Lincoln Jr. High School 2018 Abatement

LaSalle Elementary School District #122 will be performing the first phase of abatement of floor tile, mastic and elbows and fittings in the 1957 portion of the building.  Work will be restricted to these areas starting at 3:00 PM Thursday, March 29, 2018.  The project will continue until completion on or before Monday, April 9, 2018.  While asbestos abatement is performed, this portion of the school will not be accessible to staff or students. All asbestos abatement work will take place in a roped off area blocked to entry by anyone other than the workers conducting the abatement.  All abatement areas will have signs posted that read “DO NOT ENTER WORK AREA.”  The work is being performed in accordance with regulations issued by the Illinois Department of Public Health and the Environmental Protection Agency. A detailed Scope of Work and a copy of the Management Plan are available at the Unit Office.  Please contact us at 815-223-07868 if there are any questions or concerns. Thank you for your cooperation.

Per 50 ILCS 205/20, if you wish to communicate with elected officials of the School District,  please email: boardofedu@lasalleschools.net

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