Lincoln Jr. High School

Lincoln Jr. High School
1165 St. Vincents Avenue
La Salle, Illinois 61301

Mr. Brian DeBernardi, Principal
Mr. Derek Kilmartin, Dean of Students and Curriculum Director

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                                                     Lincoln Jr. High News


LaSalle Elementary School District#122 will be performing abatement of the caulking on interior and exterior doors of Lincoln Junior High in select areas of the gymnasium and cafeteria including the adjoining hallways. Work will be restricted to the cafeteria and gymnasium starting after school hours on Tuesday, April 10, 2014.  The project will continue until completion on or before Monday, April 21, 2014.

While asbestos abatement is performed in the cafeteria and gymnasium, these areas will not be accessible to staff.  Once the hall work starts, some of the halls adjacent the gymnasium and cafeteria will be blocked off everyone not associated with the project.  

All asbestos abatement work will take place in an enclosed and secured area blocked to entry by anyone other than the workers conducting the abatement. All abatement areas will have signs posted that read “DO NOT ENTER WORK AREA.”  The work is being performed in accordance with regulations issued by the Illinois Department of Public Health and the Environmental Protection Agency.

A detailed Scope of Work and a copy of the Management Plan are available at the Unit Office.  Please contact us at 815-223-0786 if there are any questions or concerns.  


Daniel F. Marenda