School Closing Information

School Closing Information

The safety of our students and staff is a top priority of the district. The following information is designed to assist parents/guardians in preparing for the possibility of a school closure:

How is the decision made?

The administrative team, in conjunction with other area school administrators and local and state police agencies, monitor weather reports and inspect roads, school parking lots and sidewalks throughout the city to determine if schools will be closed.

How do I find out if schools are closed?

School closings will be announced via:

  • the district website

  • the automated phone/text messaging system

  • local radio stations including WLPO and WAJK

How do school closings affect other school activities?

In the event that LaSalle Elementary Schools are closed, all school activities will be cancelled, including athletic practices and events.

If students are already in session, will the schools close early?

Once students are in school, we rarely dismiss school early. We feel strongly that changing the schedule on short notice may cause confusion and potentially sacrifice our student’s safety. In the event that we have to dismiss early, a message will be sent with detailed information.

School is closed today. Will students have to make up this day?

State law requires a specific number of school attendance days. In order to make sure we meet this requirement, school days missed due to severe weather will be made up. A revised calendar will be sent home at the end of the school year.

How do I make sure I will receive the automated message?

Throughout the school year, but especially during the winter months, it is essential that parents/guardians keep their phone and contact information up-to-date with the school. If there is a change, notify the school office immediately so that the phone messaging system remains as current as possible. Remember, this is one of our primary means of communication during any emergency.