Lincoln Jr. High

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Contact Information:

Lincoln Jr. High

1165 St. Vincents Avenue

La Salle, IL  61301

Phone:  815-223-0786, press 6

Fax:  815-223-8740 

School Secretary:  Jan Senica -

Special Education Secretary: Allyssa Sereno -


Lincoln Jr. High School is located in La Salle, IL. The population of La Salle is 9,147. La Salle sits in western La Salle County at the intersection of interstates 80 and 39.  The school is located on Highway 351/St. Vincents Avenue and across from Hegeler Park.    


Lincoln Jr. High School is composed of grades 6-8 with an enrollment of approximately 300 students.  The school operates on a fixed daily schedule with most periods of 44 minutes and 3 periods of 30 minutes each.  Trimesters of 12 weeks make up the school year.  The school is the only public junior high school in La Salle.

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Derek Kilmartin, Curriculum Director